Photography Avenue Policies
Please read these policies in their entirety as usage of this website represents your agreement with them. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding these policies.

Privacy Policy
Photography Avenue respects the privacy of all users. We will not sell, distribute, or otherwise transfer any personally identifiable information to any third party without explicit permission from the user. Please note that we do collect personal information on this website and retain it for records purposes. This information may include, but is not limited to, first and last name, street address, and email address. Some of this information may be shared with our payment processing partner, PayPal, for the sole purpose of processing payments for orders generated through our website. By creating and completing an order through Photography Avenue, the user consents to their information being shared in order to be transferred to PayPal for payment.

We employ sophisticated security apparatuses to ensure that information retained by Photography Avenue is not accessed by unauthorized individuals. However, in the unlikely event that this information is stolen, accessed, or viewed by unauthorized individuals, Photography Avenue shall not be held liable. Photography Avenue does not collect credit card or Social Security numbers.

Statistical information about the user such as, but not limited to, usage patterns, browser information, and screen resolution, is collected to aid Photography Avenue in its marketing and research activities. Note that IP addresses are also logged.

Children under the age of thirteen may not relinquish any personally identifiable information to Photography Avenue. Children may access Photography Avenue's services which require such information only with the permission and guidance from a parent or legal guardian; information supplied must be that of the parent or legal guardian.

Copyright & Trademark Notice
This website contains content that is protected under copyright laws in the United States and other countries. Unauthorized reproduction of any kind is strictly prohibited and will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.

Photography Avenue may refer to trademarks owned by separate entities. These trademarks are property of their respective owners. Copyrighted material not owned by Photography Avenue is used under license from the copyright holder.

Ordering Policy
Users of this website have the opportunity to purchase items through our e-commerce systems. Such purchases are subject to audit and may be refused for reasons including, but not limited to, intended copyright infringement. All orders must be paid in full in United States Dollars before shipment.

Users who hold membership accounts at this website may be eligible to earn "points" with purchases. This reward system is provided exclusively for users who are logged into their accounts at the time of purchase. Orders placed previous to account creation are ineligible for this promotion. Points accrued through this promotion are not redeemable for cash or cash equivalent and have no cash value. These points may be redeemed for the sole purpose of receiving a discount on the subtotal of an order. The current discount rate is twenty percent; a minimum of seventy five points is required to receive this discount. These seventy five points will be deducted from the user's balance of available accrued points for each purchase in which the discount is used. One point is accrued per dollar spent, based on the subtotal (shipping and processing costs do not accrue points) of the order. Users will not accrue points for orders which utilize a discount from this promotion. Point values, accumulation rates and rules, rates of discount, and order eligibility are subject to change without notice.

Please note that due to the variability in color representation in computer displays, the photography displayed on this website may appear differently than intended. Due to this, photography ordered through this website may appear slightly different than how it displays on your computer monitor. This is completely normal. All photography is hand-inspected by the photographer before shipment to ensure that each print is of the utmost quality.

Photography Avenue uses inks which are rated by the manufacturer to be scratch-, smudge-, water-, and fade-resistant for up to 200 years. Actual resistance and timeframe may vary. Photography Avenue is not responsible for these claims, which are made by the manufacturer of these inks, and does not provide any warranty or guarantee of results whatsoever.

Photographs will be printed in the native orientation of the photograph, e.g. the orientation in which the photograph is viewed on this website. For example, a photograph that is listed to be 11x17-inches may be printed as either 11-inches wide or 11-inches in length, each size with its respective opposite dimension, depending on if the photograph was taken in a "portrait" or "landscape" fashion.

By creating and submitting an order to Photography Avenue, you grant Photography Avenue permission to share order information with PayPal, including, but not limited to, name and address, email address, and phone number for the purpose of processing and authenticating payment. The creation and submission of an order constitutes a binding commitment to full payment through PayPal, Photography Avenue gift certificate, or a combination of the two. Orders will not be shipped until full payment is received.

Your Photography Avenue order can be tracked via our telephone and SMS access systems. Please see the section entitled "Telephone and SMS Usage Agreement" below for full details and disclosures. Inclusive of the details and disclosures found below, your creation and submission of an order to Photography Avenue certifies your agreement that your order can be tracked via an automated telephone or SMS system without further identification or authentication of the party requesting tracking information than the telephone number calling or SMS messaging matches the telephone number associated with the said order and positive shipping zip code match. (Anyone accessing Photography Avenue's telephone and SMS access systems from your telephone can track your most recent order provided they enter the correct shipping zip code for the order.) Tracking information provided by the said automated telephone and SMS access systems includes grand total of purchase and status such as, but not necessarily limited to, "unpaid," "paid and processing," "shipped," "delivered," or "refunded."

Gift Certificate Terms
Gift certificates may be purchased for redemption on this website. These gift certificates may be sent via postal courier or electronically. Both the giver and recipient of a gift certificate state are subject to all policies, terms and conditions, and rules set on this page by Photography Avenue. The purchase of a gift certificate is not eligible for reward point accrual, nor are they eligible for a discount based on point accumulation, by registered members. However, if the recipient is a member and logged in while placing their order using the gift certificate, their account will receive points for the transaction.

Photography Avenue is not responsible for lost or stolen gift certificate numbers or the use of them by an unauthorized party. If a gift certificate number is lost or stolen, the remaining funds may be reissued under a new gift certificate number upon explicit request from the original purchaser.

Gift certificates are not redeemable for cash and do not expire. Gift certificates are not subject to fees due to periods of inactivity.

Return Policy
Photography Avenue strives to provide customers with photography prints of the utmost quality. Because prints are produced specifically for each order and are hand inspected by the photographer before shipment, we regret that we cannot accept returns. If by our error you receive the wrong sized print or one printed on the wrong paper, you are, however, entitled to a refund or exchange. Simply contact us and we'll make things right.

Should your shipment arrive damaged, please refuse it and have it returned to us. Please contact us as soon as you do so. You can either request a full refund or have an identical replacement order placed. Please note that in order to be eligible for this type of return or exchange, the courier must acknowledge their fault of the damage and fulfill a shipping insurance claim. If you do not refuse the parcel and ship it back to us at your expense, you will not be compensated for any resulting charges or expenses and a refund or exchanged is not guaranteed.

Placing an order with Photography Avenue represents your agreement with this return policy.

Telephone & SMS Usage Agreement
Photography Avenue allows visitors to access account information and order status updates via telephone and SMS (Short Message System). Usage of this service constitutes full agreement and acknowledgement of all of Photography Avenue's terms, conditions, policies, and other applicable published legal statements. You, the end-user, are solely responsible for any and all charges from your telecommunications provider(s) resulting from the usage of Photography Avenue's telephone and SMS access systems. Furthermore, your certify that you have the authority to receive telephone and/or SMS messages at any telephone number provided to Photography Avenue and/or used to access our telephone and SMS access systems.

The aforementioned telephone and SMS access systems are only to be used for legitimate customer service, order tracking, and account information purposes. Any unauthorized and/or malicious use is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to restrict access to these systems/services at any time at our sole discretion.

You may only Photography Avenue's telephone and SMS access systems if the telephone number you are calling or SMS messaging from is not unlisted, restricted, or otherwise undistinguishable. Because the aforementioned telephone and SMS access systems may reveal, edit, modify, or delete information about your account or current or previous orders when they are accessed or otherwise utilized by the telephone number on file for your account or order, the creation of your Photography Avenue account certifies your acknowledgement of and agreement with this disclosure.

Miscellaneous Statements
Photography Avenue reserves the right to refuse service of both internet and merchant services. This website and its services are provided without warranty of any kind.

Any attempt to circumvent, disable, or alter any security apparatus(es) this website has in place to prevent unauthorized access to this website or its data repositories is strictly prohibited and will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.

This website may provide links to other websites. Photography Avenue is not responsible whatsoever for their content or their policies. These websites may not necessarily represent the views, opinions, or condonnations of Photography Avenue, its partners, employees, or affiliates.

Should any terms of these policies be deemed unenforceable, unlawful, or void for any reason, any other terms shall remain valid and enforceable by law.

These policies are void where prohibited by law and are subject to change without notice.